Past Life Regression Hypnosis

What is it and how can it be of benefit in your life?

Past Life Regression Hypnosis, is a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from a current or past time that can change your current life in positive ways.  All of your experiences from birth and before are recorded in every cell of your body, mind and soul.  As a regression therapist, I will guide you back into childhood, into the womb and into long forgotten past lives.  This journey will allow you to see and interpret your life with a new understanding.

Together we will explore the life patterns, perceptions, beliefs, and agreements that were formed on an unconscious level as a result of experiences from this life and possibly beyond.

Going back in time through hypnotic regression brings new perspectives and healing for individuals in a way no other therapy can achieve.  It allows you to see the operation of your life from a higher perspective, in turn this awareness enables you to make new choices about yourself and others, releasing old unproductive patterns.


Survival Strategies

When life becomes difficult or unbearable we use coping mechanisms to survive.  From an early age when we have limited options available to us, we learn to survive unbearable circumstances by adopting beliefs and behaviors that assist us in avoiding pain.  Many times these adopted beliefs/patterns become counter productive later in life.

Residual Feeling and Beliefs

Feelings about a person, place, situation or event are often the residual imprints of a past experiences that are carried within our thoughts without conscious understanding or awareness.  These residual feelings may manifest as fears, social bias, powerful attractions, jealousy, etc.  Regressing to the origins of these feelings can bring new insights and healing around those feelings.

Promises, Contracts and Agreements

An important area that you can explore during a regression session is to probe for  promises, contract or agreements. Often as a result of some life experience, one makes a resolution with themselves, a higher power or someone else that restricts them in a future situation.  For example I had a client that didn’t want to have a relationship with her sister, upon childhood regression it was uncovered that the older sister would retreat to her room and close out the younger sister.  The client being the younger sister made a promise to never get close to her older sister since she had been shut out all her life.  Once this unconscious promise was lifted, it allowed the relationship to blossom in adulthood.

Resources, Talents and Abilities

Regression can be used to connect with latent talents and abilities.  Going back to childhood memories when you were care free, calm and confident can assist you in reclaiming the feelings necessary to develop special abilities.  Going even farther into a past life can assist you in having courage to bring those abilities back into your current life.


What to Expect During a Regression Session

Prior to a regression hypnosis, I will establish what your intentions or objectives are in having the hypnosis.  For instance it could be to understand a relationship issue, eliminate a phobia, explore chronic pain, bring clarity into your life, etc.

After I am clear on the desired objective, I will put you in a relaxed hypnotic state.  From that point I will take you into memories of this life appropriate to the intention.  We will journey through childhood memories and continue into your mothers womb where bonding is evaluated.  Unless many issues are uncovered during childhood, we continue the journey to one or more past lives where more information is obtained to further strengthen your objective.  Upon completion of the past life, a healing intervention is conducted and post hypnotic suggestions are given to reinforce the objective.  Once out of the trance we will discuss the details of the journey and the impact it has had.  After a regression, it is common for greater awareness and understanding to surface throughout the following days as insights and at nights in dreams.